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“...I will cut to the chase. My experience with under $10,000 MC/MM/MI cartridges is extensive. I have never auditioned a superior sounding more realistic cartridge than the Mammoth Gold in this important price category. It is a breakthrough design with abilities beyond the excellent work of even the largest cartridge manufacturers we all love and admire...”

Robert H. Levi  - Positive Feedback Magazine

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“...In my opinion, when looking for a top cartridge for a high-end system (you need a turntable, tonearm, and phonostage from the top shelf as well) you simply have to add the Aidas Mammoth Gold to your „must check out” list. For me, it is the second, after Murasakino Sumile, a cartridge that fully deserves our Victor!...”

Marek Dyba  - Hifi Knights magazine

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“...Aidas Black Sound is a skillful groove tracker. It retrieved intricate details from this recording in a way that reminded me of why I love analog in a way that I just never got to with CD...

...  One of the strengths of this cartridge is its ability to strip away non-musical artifacts and allow you to get into the soul of the singing and music...
... If the Aidas Black Sound is any indicator of the quality of this line then these will be world-beaters and may be even harder to come by...”

Dave Thomas - Stereotimes Magazine

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“...Powerful and dynamic with incredible transient behavior...
... Right off the bat, the Aidas Panzerholz displays superb low-level definition and incredible overall detail retrieval, but it is not at all clinical. Bass is articulate and crispy and timbre is highly natural. Acoustical instruments really sound as such, the wooden tonality of a piano really is life like...”

Christiaan Punter -  HiFi Advice

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“... The liveliness that the Rainbow renders with makes you think that this is a cartridge that was designed for jazz, especially live jazz. Bass depth and detail are in good supply here, as are sense of space and atmosphere...
Like its siblings, the Aidas Rainbow phono cartridge is an all-around excellent performer and well worth seeking out. And if you enjoy the subtleties of live jazz, this cartridge is a must have..."

                                                                          Dave Thomas  -  Stereotimes magazine

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“... I am really impressed with this cartridge. It delivers benchmark-setting accuracy, articulation, purity, transparency, dynamics, incisiveness, and even-handedness with bass to die for, along with an absolutely non-edgy, texturally rich and highly natural delivery...
... The Rainbow’s bass precision and -articulation are staggeringly good. The whole presentation is so convincing and so captivating...”

Christiaan Punter - HiFi Advice

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... The Aidas Baby Mammoth Cartridge reminded me of my favorite Koetsu from back in the day, only with better detail and focus, closer to lifelike dynamics with a punchier, more extended bass...

Michael Wright  -   Stereotimes

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“... Aidas achieves outstanding things in sound reproduction, goosebumps are guaranteed here. Much expressiveness, creamy tone for emphasized authentic reproduction. Tonality of Aidas is perfectly balanced. In the bass it sounds disciplined, tight and inconspicuous, in the best sense of the term. At the upper end, of course, perfectly integrated and with the right amount of air....”

Holger Barske - LP magazine

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